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Monday, December 2, 2013

Anthoy Daniels Dallas Fan Days 2013

When I finally found the room where Anthony Daniels was signing it was pretty empty.  A few people were in line and few more were milling around debating over they should spend the money for an autograph. 

 As is too often the case, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.  I don’t say that to be mean.  Been there, done that.   In fact, I had a chance to get Anthony back in 2001 at DragonCon.  I passed at the time.   I found him too expensive.  His cost at that DragonCon was the same amount as this Fan Days.  So his price hasn’t increased in 12 years.

The person in front of me was getting a Star Wars collectors plate signed. Anthony ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaaahed’ over it appropriately.  He took great care in choosing the best color of paint pen to be used, the location of the signature, and the signature too.

As I walked up, I was treated to quick whistle from this icon. He performed the first 5 or 6 notes from the Star Wars theme.   He then greeted me and shook my handed.  I’ll admit I was tickled with the musical intro. 

Since I was the last in line, we chatted:  How many times in Texas?  Enjoying Dallas?  Are they feeding you well?   He seemed genuinely friendly.

I left with my photo.

A few minutes later I responded to a call from nature.  As I was washing up, someone at the urinal spoke. Guys usually don’t talk in the Men’s Room.  So I looked into the mirror to see what was happening behind me.  The guy said something about not knowing Droids needing potty breaks.  Then I think he said something about you ARE the Droid I’m looking for.

The guy that spoke was in the 501st . He was in uniform and he was standing next to Anthony.   Oh, such a weird moment this was.  Not a train wreck but not the norm of social convention either.  I just kind of froze over the sink; the water just running over my still hands. I'll admit I was fascinated that this was even happening.  Usually, when I bump into 'someone', I just nod my head and say a quick ‘hi’ and leave.

This must happen often the actor.  Anthony was prepared with a comment. I can’t quote it, but it was along the lines of envying android at times like these.  I admit I laughed. I was immediately thinking he would have preferred not to have someone watching him pee.

The moment ended. I finished washing my hands and left.

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