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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ron Perlman Dallas Fan Days

I never watched Sons of Anarchy.  My dad enjoys the show though.  I do however know who Ron Perlman is without having watched that show or Hellboy or Beauty and the Beast.  He was on my want list because of the movie Name of the Rose.  It’s an awesome book and a very good movie.  Regardless of the role that Ron is in, I think: Penitenziagite.

Since I didn’t have a photo of him as Salvatore, I opted for a photo from Sons of Anarchy.  The handler asked if I wanted it personalized.  I said ‘no’.  She asked if I wanted it inscripted.  I said sure, whatever he felt like putting on it.

I then slid over to him.  I shook his hand.  I said something about being a current day Lon Chaney.  But the handler was talking to him at the same time.  He didn’t hear my comment.  She was telling him he could write whatever he wanted.   He paused in thought.  He started.  He paused again and looked up to me.  He finished.  He showed me what he wrote.  It was F* and someone’s name. 

Yes, I was nonplussed and it showed.  He saw my confusion and without hesitation tossed the photo behind him; where it landed with several other rejected photos on the carpet.  He asked for another and just signed with his character name. He told me thanks of coming by.

From my reaction, he knew I didn’t watch the show. I had no idea and no insight why that was funny.

I feel bad as it was a cool inscription and probably semi-unique. I also feel bad as I should have brought my own photo of Salvatore and that might have been a great conversation starter.


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