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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ian Ziering #WizardWorld 2013

Fresh off his appearance in Sharknado, which was not as bad of a movie as people said, Ian Ziering attended Austin ComicCon. 

While he never had a long line, he did seem to always have someone in line. Mostly it was women that drooled over him in 90210 or maybe from Dancing with the Stars.  When my friend (one half of the Dee and Dee team) and I walked up, Ian was alone.

I choose a photo and he signed.  Somehow the conversation rapidly went to motorcycles and racing. Something neither my friend nor I know anything about. We attempted to bluff at the topic. We would ask a leading question and it was eagerly answered in detail.  One thing I do remember is he has/had a cycle that was too fast and it was a piece of art. It should be hung in his living room so people could admire it…but the wife would not allow it.

He seemed genuinely friendly and I am sure if we even knew anything about cycles we would have been hanging out in bar swapping stories. 



  1. That's a tap dance if I've ever done one...

    1. I have a friend that would have been thrilled to talk cycles. Too bad he's not geek enough to come to a show. :)