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Monday, December 16, 2013

Erica Durance #WizardWorld 2013

As many autographs that I have gotten from Smallville, you’d think I would have seen the show once or twice.  I can now add Erica Durance to the list.

I caught her at a good time. I walked right up.  My friend’s Dee and Dee told me she was very friendly.  I felt pressured to have a memorable time with her.  I said hello and tried to keep eye contact but I did need to scan her selection of photos. Her selection proved she did not have body image issues.  She had a nice selection including one in formal wear and some much more revealing.  The more revealing photos were another reason to try to keep eye contact.  Drooling is never good for a first impression.

I choose a more modest one and handed it over.  I then asked how many SDCC panels she attended.  Well, you know me, I can talk ComicCon all day. So we spent a minute talking about San Diego and the end of the show.  While I never watched the show, I had actually sat through a couple of the panels in Hall H. 

Not wanting to over stay my welcome, I thanked her and left.


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