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Friday, December 13, 2013

Sarah Wayne Callies #WizardWorld 2013

Sarah Wayne Callies had a character I loved to hate in Walking Dead. Her character created so much tension that I was relieved when she died.  A sad thing to say but if you watch the series, I bet you agree with me.

The line was long. It was interrupted because of a short break.  The odd thing of the break was Sarah need directions but the Volunteer didn’t know where to send her. He pointed in one direction and the few people that were listening in each pointed in different directions.   Then she got stuck as the crowd swarmed to take pictures and see her up close.

The delay was 5 or so minutes. Finally, the handler/manager came to the rescue and led her off.  As soon as Sarah was gone the crowd dispersed.  Even though she is a character people loved to hate, she is popular.

As with everyone on the Waling Dead cast, she was friendly and took her time with the fans. She had some side bar conversations with people still in line as she waited for people to finished selecting a photo or paying.

So my turn in front of her, I was surprised how much younger and prettier she looked in person. I mentioned that and she smiled. I guess she gets that all of the time. She said it’s easy to ‘clean up’ when your job is being covered in blood and dirt and wear tattered clothes.  Good point.  Still, she was very pretty women.


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