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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scott Bakula #WizardWorld 2013

I never watched Quantum Leap but I did watch Enterprise. At times, the show drove me nuts with continuity issues with the original series, I still enjoyed it.  I thought Scott Bakula made a convincing Captain. Since I’m a big Trekkie, Scott was on my ‘must have’ list.

Surprisingly, the line was fairly short. Maybe he priced himself out of the market.  Shatner’s line didn’t seem very long either so maybe Austin isn’t a big Trekkie town. 

Scott was standing the whole time. He talked with everyone.   When I slide in front of him, he was actually taller than I expected.  So often ‘leads’ are several inches less than 6 feet that I can’t help but look down at them.  Scott and I were close in height.

As he signed I mentioned I really enjoyed Enterprise. He said the norm: it was fun. I also mentioned I liked the beagle.  He said: yeah, people liked the dog too.  Then he paused.  He backtracked and said: it was hit or miss with the beagle.  He liked it but a lot of people really didn’t.

Interesting a small dog could be polarizing. I took that tidbit and left.


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