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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robert Rodriguez #WizardWorld 2013

I actually enjoyed the Spy Kid movies for several reasons. Some, I have already wrote about before. I think I still surprise people when they find out that I know who Robert Rodriguez is.  It’s almost like I don’t belong to the club so I should be clueless.

Robert Rodriguez was the first autograph I got at Austin ComicCon. The line was short but constant.  A lot of people know who he is.  One of the reasons he was in attendance, besides being an Austin Native, was to raise money for the Frank Frazetta museum.  Robert wants to move the museum to Austin.

 When I stood in front of Robert I was prepared to say a few things but me didn’t give me a chance. He jumped right in and asked if I know who Frazetta was. I smiled and told him half the books I read in the 70’s have covers by him. He seemed to like that.  He then asked if I saw the display upstairs.   I said no. He told me I HAD to visit the museum upstairs. He then gave me the elevator speech about the display and the fund raiser.

I smiled again and thanked him as he handed me my photo.



  1. That's a good signature, I would love to meet him. We tried to get into the line for him at Comic Con a few years back (it was him and Rose McGowan for a Red Sonya movie I don't think was ever made) before the days of raffle ticket signings, and we could not even get near the signing.

    1. Jason-
      Robert and Rose would be a nice set of autos on a movie poster.
      No matter how successful you are at SDCC – you still can’t get it all. Somehow, that doesn’t keep us from wanting it all. 

  2. Robert was surprisingly nice, I was really impressed with how down to Earth he was.

    1. He was a 'cool cat'. He seemed very relaxed and no airs about him. Glad you got the same vibe.