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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ivy Doomkitty #WizardWorld 2013

Cosplay (Costume play) has been around forever.  After all, what is a masquerade party?  Halloween is another example.  It’s been with us for centuries.

I liked the little paw print she added over her 'i'.
Modern cosplay, dressing up in public when you aren’t expected to, probably started with Forry Ackerman at the first WorldCon in 1939. He dressed up in a futuristic outfit and people have been imitating him ever since.

And if you don’t know who Forry is, you’re not a nerd.  Look him up. Nerd-dom owes him a lot.

Cosplay has grown up around me and mutated in something semiprofessional and I hadn't noticed until recently.  It’s no longer the unfortunately shaped person spilling out of their spandex in inappropriate places.   There are ‘legends’ of cosplay and cosplayers are traveling from convention to convention to see fans and sell photos and calendars.

One of those cosplayers is Ivy Doomkitty.  And before you think I’m a creepy old man (well I am but you don’t need to think that) lurking on Facebook looking for salacious photos of young ladies in revealing outfits, I stumbled across Ms Ivy through references to Frank Cho. Yeah, really.  I really like Frank and he seems to really like Ms Ivy. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As I was hanging out with my friends, Dee and Dee, I sheepishly admitted to wanting to see Ivy Doomkitty.  They smirked.  That’s okay they can smirk.  When they saw Ivy, they smirked and rolled their eyes.  Ivy’s ‘ass-sets’ and ‘boob-sets’ are very pronounced.   

This image was pulled from the internet.
This is what she was wearing when we met her.
Ms Ivy is very friendly and outgoing. We chatted about Frank and the portrait he did of her. We talked about a missed trip to France for a big comic expo over there (it was the same weekend as this convention).  I mentioned I saw her briefly at SDCC but just waved instead of stopping.

I thought we had a lovely chat. My eyes never dropped into the Grand Canyon she calls cleavage. Nor were any double entendres made about cosplay and extracurricular activities.  The photo I got signed was restrained.  Yet my friends continued to smirk and roll eyes the whole time. They even claimed I was flirting.  Me?  Never.

In mock indignation, I replied I must have done a very poor job of flirting. I was nothing but a gentleman the whole time.  Nothing in my conduct was nefarious.  They of course rolled their eyes more.

Now, Dee HAD to get his photo taken with Ms Ivy. Please note his eyes strayed quite far from the path of straight and narrow.  Maybe that was just residual eye rolling or a medical condition.

I enjoyed meeting Ivy Doomkitty.  I would recommend stopping by her booth if you are attending the same show.


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