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Monday, February 17, 2014

Jason Momoa Space City Con 2014

When I first entered the autograph area, Jason Momoa was the first autograph I wanted.  I figured he’d have the longest line and he was one of the big reasons I went to Galveston.

I was right; he did have the longest line while I was at the show.  About 40 or 50 people were line already in line. Before I queued up, I scan the other celebs.  Their lines were fairly short. So as is often the case, I made a game day decision.  I would come back later and hope Jason’s line was shorter.

Maybe an hour later, I passed by the table and the line was only 10 people.  Then I joined.  The line moved slowly; mostly because people hemmed and hawed over the photo selection. Jason provided a nice range of photos and several people just couldn’t decide.

As Jason Momoa waited for a couple to decide, he flexed his wrist.  He rubbed it and joked that he had to quit because he had carpel tunnel.  I smiled knowing he was teasing.  An older lady in front of him nearly panicked because she didn’t understand.  Quickly he admitted he was kidding.  I rolled my eyes in disbelief.  Some people need to get away from the TV more and experience real social interaction.

As he signed for me, I asked if he ever visited Galveston before.  He said once, to visit a relative.  He wanted to try surfing. I don’t know Galveston well, but all I could think of was the sea wall and the nasty blocks of rocks all over the shore.

Another lady behind me crowded in and said that was a stupid idea. That it was too dangerous.  Jason paused and said yeah and admitted he never really got a chance.  I took my photo and left as that lady kind of moved me out of the way.  I was done anyways but she was another person that needed to get outside more and away from the TV.


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