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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Joseph Gatt Space City Con 2014

Joseph Gatt has been on the convention circuit for a while but I’ve never gotten his autograph.  He’s another I finally picked up at this show.

In person, he’s shorter than I imagined but he is just as muscular as he looks on the screen.    As he shook my hand I asked he is ever ate bread or drank a beer.  He smiled and really considered what I asked.  He admitted to wine but not beer but only occasionally.  He also admitted he loved bread too much and had a hard time avoiding it. Then he added all things in moderation, even bread and beer.

Just like the other guests as Space City Con, he was very open to chatting.  We started talking about Banshee.  Banshee is a show I enjoy even though it’s full of excessive violence and sex and not sci fi in the least.  He wouldn’t comment about appearing in any additional flashbacks on the show.  He enjoyed the show and even with his small part he thought the cast and crew were very talented.

As he signed, he asked my name. I told him I just wanted his signature.  He paused. He told me he personalizes to keep things from being resold.  I relented. It’s not a sticking point for me.


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