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Friday, March 14, 2014

Allison Scagliotti Sci Fi Expo 2014

I actually needed to come back on Sunday to finish my autographs.  One of the autographs I still needed was AllisonScagliotti.

When I entered the building, I saw her line was short and I jumped right in. There were about 15 people in front of me. It should only be 10 minutes.  I figured at worst, I’d be out of line in 30 minutes.

This convention had 4 people from Warehouse 13.  The actors are extremely personable and fan friendly.  One of the fan friendly things they did was table photos. Usually, a table photo is a ‘lean in’ and done quickly.  It’s cheaper than the official photo op and also saves the fan time.

The warehouse team wasn’t into ‘lean ins’ where you lean over the table.  They were into coming out from behind the table or bringing the fan back behind the table. This is far nicer than the standard lean in.  It’s time consuming but a much richer fan experience.

Well, let’s kick that fan experience up another notch, BAM!  Let’s have any of the other cast members join the photo op.  So, if you are in line with Eddie McClintock, you can ask for Allison or Saul or Jamie to join. Yes, you need to cough up a little more money but wow. AND the actors are posing with you.  They aren’t just looking up to smile; they are doing goofy things to make the photo more interesting.  You can’t argue with that.  It was awesome for the fans.

With 4 actors doing table shots and people dragging everyone else into the photo, my line of 15 was really a line of 100.  I was in line for 1 ½ hours before I got to Allison and see her beautiful smile.

I repeated what I said the day before about the chemistry between her and Saul.  She smiled.  I then commented about people kissing Jesse Rath’s poster.  I asked if anyone kissed her poster yet.  She paused.  I could tell I threw a stick into the spokes.  I think, she thought, I was thinking, I wanted to kiss her poster.

She used that pause for good. She responded that it might be funny to put lipstick on Jesse and have him come over.  I laughed and relieved we didn’t take that conversion when I thought, she thought, I was thinking.


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