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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stephen Amell Sci Fi Expo 2014

I had no idea how popular Arrow is.  The first swing through the guests, StephenAmell’s line was just as massive as Karen Gillan but it wasn’t in turbo mode.  Later, after I finished with Karl Urban I got into Stephen’s line. While long, it was my best option at the time.

While in line, I was smacked in the head a few times by a quiver of arrows.  The young lady in front of me was cosplaying and had a bow.  She did notice she tagged me a few times and apologized.  It was a chance to talk.

I told her I was staring at her gauntlets.  I was trying to figure out if she really shot the bow. She proudly said yes.  I asked if she wore the gauntlets while shooting. It was a testing question from me. The answer had to be a ‘no’.  She said no way could that be done.  The guard she wore was smaller and thinner and would not catch the string.

One thing I commented on was the arrow themselves. They were practice arrows. I even noticed some nicks and dirt. The police had tied a red ribbon them that declared them safe.  I asked if the string was real.  She said yeah. The police failed here.  A practice arrow can kill too.

My new friend had been shooting since she could stand.  She was not part of the new crop of posers that have popped up with the popularity of Arrow, Katniss, and Daryl.  She knew what she was doing.  I believed her.

Since she was ‘real’ she wanted to have her bow signed.  I thought that was cool.

When she got to the front, Stephen was honored to sign her bow. He hefted it and made some appreciative remarks.  My friend beamed. They chatted longer than others had.  It was a good experience for her. Again, very cool.


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