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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heart of Texas Con March 2014

This was a new convention. Not just to me but to the world. It was in Waco. While small, it was listing a few big names.  Even though I was only interested in 2 people, the two hour drive made it reasonable to go.

Four of us carpooled. Each of us thought the same thing…we’ll check out the convention, hopefully get the autographs we want and then figure out if it was worth it.

When we entered, the show proved it was small.  We walked through the vendors tables in 5 minutes.  The autograph area was a small also but the lines were short.  It was a typical convention: vendors, photo ops, celebs, cosplayers, and nerds. For us it’s another venue that might have an autograph opportunity. And that’s all we need it for.

But my life was ruined on the way home from Waco.  It’s still hard to speak of the tragedy.  It's cliché to say 'life changing' but my life has been changed forever. I’ll never be able to drive down I35 the same way. it all started when we stopped at the Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery. 

The wife and I normally drive straight through. We only stop for gas and bio brakes.  A stop barely 2 hours down the road is silly and never thought of.  

Slightly miffed I missed the stop on the way down; they laughed it off as a rookie mistake.  Missing the exit on the way back was not to be tolerated. My companions basically threw a mutiny.  All three of my carpool mates were focused on NOT missing the exit on the way back.

So we stopped.

The line was not out the door but very close.  Almost 100 people were in front of us. This was the longest line I waited in all day.  The bakery smelled wonderful.  I was forced to make a purchase. A beautiful 5 inch tall cupcake and some blueberry bread.  My friends, much more experienced bought armfuls.  They called friends to let them know they were making a kolache stop.  The rear of the car was weighed down in confectionary goods.  

The wife complained the cupcake was too sweet…after she ate it all…and licked her fingers clean…twice.  She marveled that we didn’t already know about this place.  She has mandated we make the stop the next time we travel south so she can see the Promised Land herself.

Yes, we went to a ComicCon and returned with a diabetic’s nightmare.




  1. LOL, that's really a life changing moment.

  2. I am glad that we could introduce you to the greatness of the Czech Stop!

    1. yes, you re to blame for forever altering the drive down south... :)