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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who doesn't love Whose Line's Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood March 2014

It was a busy day, chores, a small convention, haircut (I was looking pretty shaggy), and then off to the Eisemann Theater in Richardson.

The Eisemann is a nice venue that brings in some good names that you want to add to your collection.  It’s also a venue where you can hit a homerun or strike out when it comes to autographs. Some celebs stay in the hotel across the street and just walk through the lobby. Some use the stage door on the side. And some use the loading dock in the back. 

I got to the theater about an hour before the show. I was fairly certain I was too late to catch them as they arrived. I was thinking I might have to camp out for a while.  As I drove up, I noticed a fellow collector so I had some hopes I wasn’t too late.

As I walked up to say hi to my fellow hound, he turned his back and rushed to the stage door.  I followed.  Colin Mochrie had stepped out to take a smoke break.  He kindly signed for both of us and even posed for a photo.  The other collector politely asked if Brad Sherwood was somewhere back stage and might have time to sign.  Colin said he’d track him down for us.

The two of us sat and chatted for a few minutes and then Brad stepped out and signed and posed.  As he looked at my photo he mentioned that was his ‘fat’ photo. He never weighed more in his life.  I took another look at him and I could see he had lost some weight.  

Brad reentered the building and we walked back to our cars.  It was nice for me as I was only there for 15 minutes and got two nice autographs.  My only regret was not seeing the show.


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