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Thursday, March 20, 2014

LeeAnna Vamp Dallas Comic & Pop Expo 2014

Lately, I’ve been into Cosplayers.  Well, let’s qualify that. I’ve been intrigued by female cosplayers. I follow a few on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve gotten one autograph and look forward to getting more.

I didn’t know LeeAnna Vamp. I didn’t follow her. When I saw that she was listed for the show, I looked her up and saw a lot of nice photos of her. She’s been to a lot of shows and I bet I’ve seen her but hadn’t noticed her.

I printed a photo in advance as it seems the cosplayers like to sell 11 x 17’s.  That’s way too big in my opinion.  8x10’s take up enough room in the house.

I walked over and asked if she sign my photo.  She did. And because I brought my own photo she didn’t charge me.  I didn’t expect that. I know the cosplayers use the money from autographs to attend other shows or pay for more photo shoots.  Even after I offered to pay, she refused. That was very nice of her.

And of course we talked ComicCon: SDCC.  Something I always enjoy doing.  Now that she is on the radar, I’m sure I’ll see her there.


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