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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dallas Comic & Pop Expo March 2014

Dallas Comic & Pop Expo was a small convention in a small venue but it worked. The crowd was small but that can be a good thing; no one bumping you; no one blocking an aisle for minutes at a time.

I got there late; had chores to do in the morning. I knew the event was small. I only had a couple of people I needed to get.

I actually walked in the wrong door. No one checked if I had paid.  I saw a friend and chatted for a while.  I then walked through the whole show to pay. Yeah, I was honest.

There was a lot of cosplay which surprised me. Considering it was a smaller event and with a smaller crowd, I expected more people to just take a peak and leave than cosplay.  Well, good for them.

This convention is already panning another show in September. A small show twice a year is fine by me.


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  1. Miss those small shows, if there had been anyone I was looking for I would have checked it out.