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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peter Weller Sci Fi Expo 2014

I tried to get Peter Weller last year at a movie screening. He didn’t sign outside. He did sign for the people that attended the movie.  Frustrating but at least he took time with the people that paid to see the movie.

I’m a huge Buckeroo Banzai fan and I’ll stop down to watch it every time it’s on TV.

This was another slow line. I spent about 30 minutes in line the day before and realized I was running out of time so abandoned the attempt.  On Sunday, this was the last piece I needed and I had until closing time; which was only 2 hours away.

I got in line and I was only 50 or so people back.  The line was slowly creeping along.  Peter seemed to take a few moments with everyone. So after another line of 1 ½ hours, I was slightly disappointed when he took my photo, looked at it for second, said ‘old Buckeroo’, signed it, and handed to back to me without any more comments. 

While he was signed, I said it was my favorite movie and it was a shame the sequel wasn’t made (yes, I know Big Trouble in Little China was the pseudo-sequel). He never looked up or responded.

Did I pout? No. Did I expect more?  Maybe, a little.  Did I deserve more?  No.  He and Karen Gillan were the 2 big names I was most excited to see. Everyone else at the show was gravy.  How can you complain about that?  I got my autograph. It’s a good clean autograph. My day and con were over.


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  1. Ah that's a shame you didn't get much more of an experience, he may have been ready to get the show over with that late in the show.