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Monday, March 3, 2014

New printer

Tech support (the wife) could not fix the printer.

I scoured the internet for the error code that blithely flashed on the printer’s LCD screen. I even watched some YouTube videos on the ‘fix’.  The printer could not be saved.  It was flat lined. It was no more. It was an 'ex' printer.

I must say, I wasn’t thrilled with the dead printer sitting by my desk.  Besides the obvious disappointment that it died on us; it was only a 'good' printer.  Not a 'great' printer.  It seemed every Windows update gave it heartburn and we needed to do assuage it’s ego to make it realize it still had a purpose in life.  Its heartburn consequently caused me heartburn as I rushed to scan a photo at the last minute.  

The eulogy was brief:  Well, I guess we need a new printer.

The printer is now gone and it will be forgotten.

Those words about a new printer raised some hackles.  This recently deceased printer replaced a far better printer.   A printer whose shadow was long and never properly filled.  A printer made from a company whose name I loathe to utter as they laid me off 4 years ago and ruined my life.  Well, that might be hyperbole. But I do loathe uttering their name. 

I went printer shopping last night. I had plenty of options.  Lots of price points and lots of features.  It didn’t take long for me to pick a printer. Yes, it was from the company who must not be named.

The setup was quick, mostly due to the beautiful tech support staff that lives in house.  She was able to load the software and get it printing and scanning by the time I finished making diner. And when I say making dinner, I mean making a dinner run to Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is a name I do not loathe to speak.

Blogs and scans will be forth coming.


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