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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Saul Rubinek Sci Fi Expo 2014

When it was announced that Saul Rubinek would be attending this convention, I was excited.  I enjoy Warehouse 13 and he is a big part of that.

As I was standing in line, the person in front of me asked about Saul’s appearance in Eureka.  I watched Eureka but I can’t say I remember the cameo.  Saul mentioned that his appearance was actually as Arty from Warehouse 13.  The guy in front of me knew his stuff and basically called ‘bull’.  Saul smiled.  He looked up and started to include me in the conversation.

Saul talked about the episode and the mysterious item.  At the end of the show, the item was missing and so was Saul’s character.  It was all part of a recovery of an artifact and Arty was undercover as part of the mission.

Whether it was bull or not, it was fun to hear.  The guy in front of me was not convinced and walked off. I, however, enjoyed the insight and thanked him for that. 

Once he signed my photo, As I told him I thought he and Allison had the most chemistry on the show, he smiled and told me that was very true.  He smiled and called to Allison Scagliotti who was seating next to him. She looked up.  Saul repeated my comment and she smiled too.  Both gave me fist bumps.  They seemed to really enjoy themselves off set too.  It really seem to be a tight knit cast that has lots of fun.


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