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Friday, April 25, 2014

Conan O’Brien, Mary Kay, and me – Majestic 3/31/14

The autograph hounds were pretty excited when Conan O’Brien announced he would be filming in Dallas.  Besides the fact that everyone wanted Conan’s auto, they also wanted any guests he might have on the show.  It was going to be a high target environment for the week he was in town.

In preparation, I actually found a photo I liked and printed it.  A rarity nowadays as work is keeping me hopping and I’m either printing something out at the last minute or missing the opportunity because I can’t get away.

The weird thing about printing off a photo in advance, I actually had it in my car when Conan came to the office. Yeah, in case you didn’t see it on his show, he came to the Mary Kay office.

  I really wanted to rush down to the car and pull out the photo and see if he would sign. But what would my coworkers say?  You can’t geek out too hard at work. So I missed a good chance then, as I know no other hounds were around.

But my next chance came on the first day of taping in Dallas.  I took off work earliy-ish. I hung out with my fellow hounds. I was told he actually arrived at 10:30 in the morning.   While waiting I missed out on Adam Sandler; I got Dirk Norwitzki to sign a 3x5 card; and I spent a lot of time talking with the hounds.

After the show was done filming, the crowd behind the Majestic grew. Most were just there to take a photo or to see him up close.  About a dozen of us were prepared.

When Conan finally exited the stage doors, the crowd roared. He was just as goofy in person as on the show.  He chatted and signed. He would pause and let the crows snap their photos. When he signed for me, he told me he really liked my photo.  Then he asked to borrow my Sharpie.  He did a lot of selfies with the fans and made his way up and down the line.

After 15 minutes he finally left.  My Sharpie was gone forever. Small price to pay…but I was thinking that I should emboss a link to my website on my sharpies. Just in case it’s borrowed and they look at it later…


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