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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Greg Gutfled Not Cool B&N Plano 3/30/14

The short winded story.

I was on a surgical strike mission to the motherland (for those that don’t know me – I means I was on a quick visit back to Jersey, where I grew up and not planning on invading Canada.). I was visiting my parents but more importantly I was there to celebrate my Grandmom’s 98th birthday. Yes, you can all wish her happy birthday.

It was such a quick visit (Friday night to Sunday Monday) that the airlines couldn’t keep up. Our lost bag was never delivered. We had to pick it up at the airport on the way home.  That is a whole other story for another time.  For me, there was some stress but I did have a change of clothes in my backpack.  For the dear loving wife, who had no such backpack, she had no such clothes and more stress.

While visiting on this quick trip, Dad asked if I was planning on getting Greg Gutfled’s auto.  Not knowing who he was, my answer was ‘no’. Dad mentioned he was doing a book tour and was surprised I didn’t know about.

You never want to disappoint mom and dad. They truly think I am plugged into every event out there. They think if I can’t get it, it can’t be had.  The sad truth is I’m a neophyte.  I’m still on the learning curve and it’s still steep.  I miss a lot because I’m clueless. Or I’m too busy. Or I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

After I was safely back home (the airlines did not lose the luggage this time), I was doing the normal autograph thing that autograph hounds do.  I was reading message boards, looking over favorite links, reading Twits from celebs, etc.  Then I saw it: Greg Gutfled was to sign at a local B&N.  How about that?

I didn’t get to the signing too early. The line was already a100 people deep. When Greg got there, instead of doing a short talk or taking questions from the crowd, he announced he would just answer the questions he always gets asked.

He voiced carried and everyone could hear him.  Throughout the signing he constantly chattered and let everyone listen in. It was actually nice. And if I remember correctly – he said he really did hate that dog. (I imagine dad is now nodding his head with a knowing smile). He also had a photographer take pictures of everyone.  While I really don’t care about the photo ops, it’s nice as a rhythm gets established and the lines moves quickly.

Once I was done, I left. As I was driving away I saw his tour bus. Just like a tourist I took a photo.


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