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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vanessa Branch Heart of Texas Con

When I saw that Vanessa Branch was attending this con, I didn’t know who she was. The convention labelled her as an actress from Pirates of the Caribbean. That didn’t help; I still didn’t know who she was (sorry Vanessa). After looking her up on IMDB, I knew who she was but it was a very small role.

After listening to her at the panel with Kevin McNally and Lee Arenberg I found her not just a pretty face but very funny. So I got her autograph too.

I will admit we actually chatted for a few minutes; longer than the norm and longer than expected.  I know we talked about airports and DFW and Texas. I remember making her laugh and she making me laugh. I remember my friends raising an eyebrow when I rejoined the group, curious about what we said.  But I honestly can’t remember; which is the purpose of the blog, to capture the things that happened that I know I’ll forget. Too late in this instance.

 I do remember her getting up and getting her own bottle of water and something to eat instead of having a handler scurry off for her.   Something that made her down not earth and like-able.


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