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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kevin McNally Heart of Texas Con

So we waited for the Kevin McNally to arrive.

Then we waited some more.

He did arrive just in time for the Pirates of the Caribbean panel. Since we had nothing else to do, my fellow hounds and I attended the panel.  Surprisingly it was amusing and interesting. The panel also had Lee Areberg and Vanesa Branch.

The panel gave some insight on what it’s to have a small role on a large movie on an exotic location.  It was also interesting to see how different it was for each actor.

After the panel, we got in line and got our photos signed.  Kevin had more of a rock star swagger than I would have expected but then he is an alumnus of Dr Who (old school) and don’t all alumni of Dr Who have a swagger?

He admitted he enjoyed himself the night before and was moving slowly.  And that’s explained his tardiness.  Again, he was another friendly guy and very open to chatting.


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