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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Carol Kane USA Film Festival 2014

Carol Kane has played a lot of quirky and iconic roles. I was very excited to see that she was coming to Dallas.

I got to the movie theater late; yes, work.  When I arrived, I was told that Carol Kane held onto her handler and bent her head and marched into the movie theater.  Ugh, not an auspicious start.

So being addicted to autograph collecting we didn’t give up.  We know as a group we can be intimidating. We even have some local hounds that give us a bad name.  When we saw that she was leaving, we actually queued up and minded our p’s and q’s.  Someone asked politely for the group if she’d mind signing some autographs.  She said no and walked to the elevator and left.

If happens. People are not obligated to sign.  We were naturally disappointed.  We chatted among ourselves and for the most part the night was over.

Less than 5 minutes later, the elevator opened and she was with her handler coming back to us and said she would sign.  We dutifully formed a line and got our items signed. 

Afterward, I was told that was a first, to have someone leave and then have a change of heart and return.  I can’t say I’ve seen that either.  I’m very happy I got to see it in person.


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