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Monday, May 19, 2014

Catherine Dent US Film Festival 2014

I had no business tracking down Catherine Dent’s autograph. I barely knew who she was and would have never recognized her. I was slightly greedy and wanted to add her to my collection nevertheless.

She was schedule do to appear, the next night at the theater and I had planned on getting her then.  Luckily I was carrying all of the photos I printed and showed them to a fellow hound. He mentioned she was at the festival this night. He had barely recognized her (dressed down sans glamour makeup) but would point her out to me when she left.

After a couple of hours, she was leaving and my friend did call out her name so she turned and knew who she was in the crowd.  She kindly agreed to sign a photo for me.  She looked me dead in the eyes and smiled as asked who to make it out to.  She was sweet about the implication I was only getting it if she personalized.  When a beautiful woman looks you in the eyes, it’s had to turn them down. 

I told her my name and she signed.  As she was handing it back, she smudged the ink.  Still I got the autograph and it was one less I needed/wanted.


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