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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Clark Gregg DIFF 2014

Dallas has a couple of film festivals a year. One of them is DIFF.  I haven’t had much luck with DIFF the last few years.  So I’m not too excited when I look over the movie and talent appearing.

I’ll admit I got excited when I saw that Clark Gregg was coming to town to promote his Indie movie Trust Me.  I quickly found a cool photo on google and printed it.

When the day arrived I got to the theater early. I had the chance to hang out with some friends and just enjoy the weather and company.  Just as one fellow hound got done telling us how silly we were for showing up early, because we all know he wasn’t going to show until the end of his movie, another hound said there he is. Yeah, it was like that.  He arrived really early.

He seemed surprised we were waiting.  He took photos with everyone and signed for everyone. I mentioned I really like the surprise twist of the latest episode of S.H.I.E.L.D.  He gave a wry knowing smile and said there was a lot more coming.

Even after he worked his way through us, he didn’t disappear. He hung out in the theater lobby and talked to other guests.  As other fans approached, he continued to sign or pose. He left whn his movie was about to start.


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