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Thursday, May 15, 2014

John Turutto USA Film Fesitval 2014

For me, the big film festival in Dallas is the USA Film Festival. I seem to have better luck there and the celebs that come to support the movies have more ‘wow’ factor.

John Turtutto is one of those celebs.  He’s been in a few movies that you instantly associate with him.  For mom and dad, who aren’t up to date on movies, he played Monk’s brother.

I had to work this day and I was late.  Late meaning, I wasn’t able to get to the theater as early as I hoped.  It happens.  As I was driving up to the parking lot, I saw my fellow hounds swarming him.  I knew as I found my parking spot and rode of the slow elevator I had missed my opportunity.

My friends showed me their successes.  And then they quickly swarmed Stephen Tobolowsky, who rode the elevator up with me.  I wasn’t part of that swarm as I had gotten his ‘graph the previous year. 

Even though I missed my chance when John entered, I still had a chance when he left. So I waited.  My friends hung out with me.  Not so much for support but for a second chance at additional signatures.   When john finally left the theater, my friends, let me approach him first. I asked for an autograph and held out my clipboard, he started reaching for it and then his handler announced they were going to eat.   His hands fell and he turned away.  I said ‘sure’ and walked away.

And we waited some more.

When his group finally returned from dinner, my friends again let me go first. This time I got a nice signature.  I thanked him and left. He signed for a few others and then he entered the theater.

After a long day at work and a long day at the theater it was time to go home and see the wife and cats and relax.


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