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Monday, June 23, 2014

Alice Cooper #DCC 2014

Got Alice Cooper’s autograph.
Enough said.



Okay, maybe a little more can be said.

While I know what Alice Cooper looks like in and out of makeup, I don’t know his music. I can’t name a song or album. But that’s okay. Everyone’s taste in music is different.

I do remember Corby Davidson (of the local radio sport station, The Ticket) doing a ‘bit’ with Alice Cooper.  I forget what the ‘bit’ was.  They are all obnoxious and meant to entertain the crew of the radio station more than get any value from the interview.

Alice Cooper rolled with it well. I vaguely remember Cooper asking Corby if he always spoke like ‘that’.  Then he let the interview continue.  I thought Copper remained classy. It made a good impression on me; an impression that lasted over the years; an impression that had me paying for an autograph of a musician I don’t know.


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