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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heather Langenkamp #DCC 2014

I got to Dallas ComicCon later than I hoped on Friday. Seems all I do is work anymore. I know, it’s a horrible thing to complain about.  I’m not really complaining. It just seems cliché that I was working late and couldn’t break away as soon as I wanted. My boss and teammate do try hard get me cut on time so I don’t miss these events.

After being a social butterfly and catching up with some fellow hounds, I got in Heather Langenkamp’s line. There was just one person in front of me. He had been there a while. He had a few things signed. He was chatting Heather up good.  She was nice and friendly. She didn’t shoo him off.  There was no need, after me, the line ended.

When the fan finally took a breath, he noticed me in my white button down and red tie. I had forgotten to take off my name badge. He did a double take. He said I looked like Shaun.  Nonplussed, I just nodded. Heather got the reference.  She mentioned, she thought I was cosplaying.  Then the fan, mention I needed short sleeves, some blood, and a cricket bat.  Then the lightbulb came on: Shaun of the Dead!  I looked like Simon Pegg…with slightly more and darker hair…and glasses.  It was funny.  Maybe that will be my cosplay someday.

After all of that, he left, I got my photo signed, and I left. 


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