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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dallas ComicCon 2014 #DCC

The 2014 Dallas ComicCon was the first convention since FanExpo bought the local company (including Fan Days and Sci Fi Expo). Fan Expo runs a very large convention North of the border.  That Northern show brings some large names to the convention before anyone else gets them.  It’s a show I do want to attend.

This was also the first time that Dallas ComicCon was held at the Dallas Convention Center. While the convention has been successful at the Irving convention Center, the biggest complaint has been people traffic.  Irving may have ‘enough’ floor space but it is split over several floors and creates frustrating bottlenecks at the escalators.  Holding this year’s convention at the Dallas Convention was a great way to introduce the new owners and show what can be done when space isn’t an issue.

 With the new owners came some new vendors on the expo floor. It was nice to see people selling Gold and Silver age comics.  The new faces on the expo floor gave it more of a ‘big time’ feel.  They convention finally had more than one panel track occurring at the same time. Their main panel room boasted 6000 seats giving everyone (or just about everyone) a chance to see a panel.

While their coup of having the entire cast of Firefly attend the convention failed with 2 late cancellations, it was still a success that the rest of the cast did attend.  Even with the 2 cancelation, they were able to bring in Nathan Fillion. 

Besides, Nathan as a big hitter, William Shatner and Stan Lee also attended.

Cosplayers turned out in force. People drove from all over to attend; creating a nice boom for the downtown economy. There was amble space for people to sit and rest for a while (a rarity at most conventions). And the chaos seemed to be at a minimum so newbies weren’t lost at sea.

My negatives are personal.  Many of the guests I have seen before. My excitement was muted except for Nathan.  Surprisingly, parking was an issue.  Saturday’s adventure started with finding a parking spot. Once it was found, the next task was to find the convention center since it was a good distance and hidden by the buildings.

There is no doubt this was a great show.  It brings optimism about future shows, especially once Irving Convention Center is a faded memory. Looking forward to news about their next set of guests.


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