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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dawn of the Dead #TFW

Texas Frightmare is slowly bringing in everyone from the 1978 movie Dawn of the Dead.  It’s a movie I saw at a midnight showing while I was in high school. A movie I dragged an unprepared friend to and he almost lost his cookies. Kinda funny. Kinda.

One of the things I instantly liked about the movie, it started in Philly. That is just across the river from where I grew up.  While the movie is a gore fest, I did love the survivor mentally and some of the common sense wisdom it imparted to the viewers.

The movie was cheaply produced. It was over the top. It was poorly acted.  although it had special effects that made me pause and wonder how they did that. And with all iconic movies, 36 years later it’s still remembered.

Scott Reiniger played a character I liked and David Emge played one I didn’t like. They sat side by side. Scott was still recognizable, although older. David needed a second look to see the man that played the role.  Both were quiet. Both were willing to talk about the movie.


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