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Monday, July 14, 2014

Brett Dalton ComicPalooza 2014

While signing, Clark Gregg would step away from the table now and then and spend a minute talking to the other actors. He also played to the crowd.  One time he walked behind Brett Dalton and put his arm around his neck in a choke hold and waved to the crowd; who obediently cheered and hissed at Brett.

It has been interesting to see the Twit –verse react to this show. There was a lot of disdain initially. People naively expected a gritty PG-13 show on public TV. Once the Hydra story line kicked in, all of that resentment disappeared.  I must admit the Agent Ward reveal was a surprising kick to the gut.

When Brett signed for me, I mentioned my wife hated him. He chuckled and I added he probably gets a lot of that. He admitted he did.  I also said I expect next season to see the plots twist again and then my wife would love him again.  He laughed and said you never know.


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