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Friday, July 11, 2014

Elizabeth Henstridge ComicPalooza 2014

While standing in the long line for the Marvel’s Agents of Shield, I made a line buddy. He was dressed in full Agents of Shield body armor. We cycled through three of the actors together and which helped pass the time. Because of his outfit, the actors had a few questions for him too.

Elizabeth Henstridge seemed quiet and shy. She smiled easily but you needed to draw her out. My line buddy drew her out. She had 4 or 5 questions about his gear and he asked 4 or 5 questions back. It was neat to see.

Besides wanting an autograph for myself, I needed to get a photo signed for a SDCC buddy. He’s one of the guys that helped me get Tom Cruise. How could I say ‘no’?  She signed both photos and thanked me for watching.

It might seem anti-climactic but she had spent time with the line buddy and we were obviously together so I was part of his visit.


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