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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ming Na Wen ComicPalooza 2014

I think it is fair to say most of the fans at ComicPalooza were there for the cast of Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

When I found my bearings at the show, I spent an hour in line before I gave up as the actors would be on a break for several hours (lunch, photos, and panels).

I when I got back in line, I spent easily another 2 hours in a line that didn’t move as they  filtered in the VIP guests and the people that were in line that didn’t leave when I did.  Yeah, if I stayed another 15 minutes, I could have been done for the day a couple of hours earlier.  It’s a risk reward thing. I made a decision.

The convention had the cast in their own corner. There was one long line to get into that corner. Once you got closer to the tables, you splintered off for each actor.  I choose Ming Na Wen first.

She was all smiles. I mentioned I saw her at SDCC a few years back.  She paused and asked if I meant Stargate Universe. I said yep. I got a poster signed by the cast that first year.  I then mentioned her character now is very different.  She replied it was good to do different roles. She added both were good in their own ways.


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