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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ksenia Solo ComicPalooza 2014

Yes, I watch Lost Girl. And I’ll also admit I find KseniaSolo much more attractive than the lead character.

I like a girl that changes her hair every week and wears high heels.  And let’s not forget those eyes…sigh

(Swack! Ouch! – the back of my heads stings - wife leaves room in a huff…oh well.)

My friends (Dee and Dee) and I were standing in line for Ksenia. We are all enthralled by her beauty. To pass the time we started chatting. Actually, I started chatting as the line moved.  Before I knew it, the people in front of us were gone and there was a 10 foot gap between us and the table. Ksensia was just idly sat and watched us with chin in her hand… looking gorgeous (I quickly duck my head in anticipation of another swack.)

We rushed to the table and apologized.  She said she didn’t want to disturb us.  We embarrassingly laughed.  She added the convention seemed serious.  Again, we laughed. She said it so sweetly, that you had to believe she was willing to wait for us.

When I got my turn I mentioned how much I liked that she was always changing her hair on the show.   She didn’t quite get what I mean and pulled her hair from her shoulders and said they lighter color she was wearing now was recent and probably won’t be on the show.   I pointed at the photo she signed with the green weaves and sad, on the show she is always changing it.  She smiled and said yes.

There was so much more I wanted to say but didn’t as I already held up the line. I felt I was fanboying out…it’s usually better not to gush too much. So I left with my photo.


PS –my friends and I had left the convention. We were done for the day. We were chatting on a street corner for 15 minutes. They were staying the night and I was about to drive back to Dallas. They suggested continuing the conversation at the hotel bar, out of the heat.  It was sooo tempting but I realized I was doing most of the talking and they could use a break from me. I begged off.

They ended up meeting Ksenia at the bar, getting a photo with her, AND she bought them a round of drinks. So jelaous.


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  1. Ksenia has to be one of the biggest highlights of our convention going in recent memory! Even if you missed out on the bar, the experience at the table was memorable in of itself!