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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ani-Mia ComicPalooza 2014

 Ani-Mia, that’s one word not two – with a hyphen, is another cosplayer I’ve bumped into a few times. When you look at photos of her, you will see why she is memorable.

A little back story. I have seen her a few times at various conventions. Last year at SDCC, I passed her table and I noticed she had an autograph on one of her breasts.  Not that I’m trying to look there, being a gentleman and all that, but ‘they’ are hard to miss and a signature in black sharpie does stand out.

I paused for a second…literally stopped in my tracks...she smiled…I raised an eyebrow, showed a sheepish grin and moved on.

Later I found out that breast was proudly signed by John Barrowman. He posted on his twitter feed and I think Ani-Mia also posted.  You can surf and find it if you interested in what a Barrowman signature looks like.

When I saw Ani-Mia at Space City Con in Houston we chatted about that.  It’s a fun story and I’m sure she he tells it all of the time.  At the time, neither of us had an 8x10 so I didn’t get a photo signed.

When I saw at her ComicPalooza, I was prepared with a photo. I mentioned seeing her at the other show and asked if she had a chance to visit with Barrowman who was at this show.  She said yes and admitted she ‘fangirled’ out.  She told me she saw him at baggage claim at the airport. She rushed over to John Barrowman and excitedly told him who she was. She also quickly saw that he didn’t know what she was talking about.  She made an embarrassed quick exit.

Later, after the fog of jet lag faded, they 2 did meet and the story made more sense. All sense of embarrassment was gone.

When you walk around the expo floor, stop and say ‘hi’ and ask her about JB.


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