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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mariedoll ComicPalooza 2014

Mariedoll – that’s one word not a cosplayer I’ve bumped into a few times.  She’s from Texas and goes to many of the Texas conventions. She is good about supporting the local shows and that is why I see her often.

While there is a plethora of cosplayers and more springing up all the time, Mariedoll stood out from the crowd because of her humor, some sense of decorum, and her love of tacos. I also think she does the best Velma around.

Since we both were going to ComicPalooza I printed off a Velma I found on Google. When I walked up to her table, she just finished posing with a young couple.  We chatted for a few moments and I handed over the photo.  Her face lit up with a big smile. I would say her eyes lit up but her eyes were covered with white contacts that showed nothing.  I found that very distracting.

She asked where I got the photo. Then she showed it to a friend who mentioned a convention and she asked if I went.  I told her I stole it from the internet.  I mentioned it was one of my favorite characters she does.

Then she turned serious (hard to do in costume and white eyes) and asked why I liked that outfit.  I truthfully said she did it well.  She said everyone tells her that.  She explained the costume isn’t challenging and not a representation of her skills. While she really likes wearing it, it’s a walk around the floor and goof off outfit.

I can understand her dilemma. You want to make the fans happy but you also want to grow as a cosplayer and show off the skills you work hard to learn.  And I have no solution for that.

I do recommend checking if she is at a show and chatting with her. 


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