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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joe Manganiello Angelika Dallas June 2014

Yes, Joe Manganiello was here to promote a documentary about male strippers.

And yes, I was hanging out in front of the theater to get his autograph.

Hello, my name is Autograph Hound and I have a problem…

None of us had luck getting Joe’s autograph when he first arrived.  It happens. We all dutifully waited until he came out.

As we waited, I learned one of my fellow hounds didn’t have a photo. I had 2. I gave him one.  We now each had a photo.  It’s a karma thing. Maybe it’s a Kindergarten thing.

Why did I have 2 photos of Joe Manganiello?

Glad you asked…

Last year at SDCC my wife, Kae, when to Nerd HQ.

What is Nerd HQ?

It’s a fund raiser that Zachery Levi does just outside of ComicCon. Zach gets a lot of fan favorites from SDCC and does small intimate panels with them.  Kae got to see Joe at one of the panels. She was happy. I printed a couple of photos for the wife, in case she got an opportunity.

What’s the fund raiser for?

                Has anyone ever told you, you ask a lot questions? 

Back to the blog…

No luck when Joe arrived… we were waiting… photos were shared…

Because this was Joe, a few female hounds had come to the theater.

As we waited, someone from the theater started talking to the girls hounds.  At the end of the movie, they were brought in side for a private signing.  Pretty cool. It was quick and over in a flash.

Joe came out.  He signed for about 5 non-female people and left.

I was not one of the 5. It happens. 

The hound that I gave the photo was asking what my signature looked like.  It’s a normal question.  Since the autographs are quick, they tend to vary. When he found out I was skipped, he gave me his photo.

It’s Karma thing.

Not the best signature. And not really my accomplishment. But I have it.


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  1. At least he was cool enough to give you the auto man.