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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Texas ComicCon San Antonio 6/21/14

I’ve never been to Texas ComicCon before. I’m not sure if it’s new or been there for years.

However I did make the drive from Dallas to San Antonio to check it out.

The drive was ‘easy’ as I bypassed Austin and used the toll way.  I hate Austin traffic. As an added bonus, I got to drive 85 miles per hour: legally.  For me that is a BIG plus. No you don’t get to asked how much over the limit I drove.

While I have family and trends in San Antonio, it was a stealth mission. I didn’t inform anyone I was going. This was only because of a lack of planning on my part. NOT because I didn’t want to see people.

As you’ve read before, I’m working a lot of hours and when I come home, it’s too late to call people or I’m just brain dead.  Before I knew it, I was driving to San Antonio unannounced.

Texas ComicCon was in a mall; nothing against that.  Officially, it was in the Norris Convention Center but that is really a series of meeting rooms in the mall.  Whether by design or mistake, the convention spilled into the mall anyway. It’s not an upscale mall but it seemed safe and there were a lot of people.

As with other conventions, you could have ghosted in and done whatever you wanted without a badge.  Since I already paid, I searched for the line to get my wristband or badge.  While they had some confusing and congestion at the admissions tables, they did bring extra bodies in and sorted it out.

They had a large assortment of venders.  A lot were the type of private collections but the merchandise had a lot of variety.  The vendors room was crowd and very very dark.

 The signing room was handled slightly differently. They had people queue in the hall and then slowly let people in. 

As with a lot of smaller shows, it depends on who they bring in next time, to see if I return.

It was worth the cost of admission.   The drive is a big factor though.