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Friday, July 18, 2014

David Giuntoli Texas ComicCon 2014 #Grimm

After finding the check in and getting my badge, I wondered around to find the signing area.  I’ll admit to be slightly lost but as I was turning a corner I saw a door open and a police offer walk out. Behind the police officer was David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch.  I figured I was ‘safe’ in following them to the sign in area.

The wait in line was short an di the way the show had the signing arranged, you were more or less one on one.  So I picked a photo and got my autograph.  David was out going and we started a conversion.

I asked if he’s been to San Antonio before and he said ‘no’.  He asked if I was San Antonio and I said ‘no’.  I told him I drove from Dallas. He asked how long that took.  I smile and said, it should be 5 ½ hours.  He smiled back; I could tell he wanted to say something.  I told him it was a little over 4 hours that morning.    He told me about a high school teacher he had in St Louis.  The teacher said it was a 6 hour drive to Chicago. Then the teacher said if you drove a little of over the limit it was 5 hours. The teacher made the drive in 4 hours. 

I asked if he had to learn German for the show. He shook his head and admitted it might be useful. he only how to  learn script German and that was forgotten all too quickly.

We chatted about San Diego ComicCon and then Bitsie looked up.  It seemed a good time stop monopolizing his time and move over to her.


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