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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bitsie Tulloch Texas ComicCon #Grimm

After I got my autograph from David Giuntoli, I slid on over the other table to meet Bitsie Tulloch.  She looked as lovely as you’d expect.  He heard e mentioned ComicCon and said that this year they were going to be in the BIG room.   I asked if that was Ballroom 20 and David piped in that it was a secret. Bitsie smiled and said she thought so.

This is where you realize SDCC is experienced much different for the fan than the celeb.  We know each room, the capacity, the quickest way to get from A to Z.  They know the stage and the darken halls.

In fact, I mentioned that. I added it must seem very quiet and calm in the back corridors and then a door opens to chaos.  They both nodded in agreement.  Bitsie mentioned it is a short experience for them too.  They are I and then out.  She would like to explore and she the floor.

Just then, a pair of ladies walked in wearing matching Grimm sweaters and Bitsie paused to comment on them. I know that was a cue to leave.

Ten minutes later, I was back in my car and heading back to Dallas.


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