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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eddie Izzard Majestic Theater 6/24/14

Eddie Izzard was scheduled for 3 days in Dallas at the Majestic Theater.  Two of those days I worked late and it was rainy. The last day was clear-ish and I got out of work as early as I could.  I was thinking I might have been too late.

When I got to the theater, I didn’t see any of my fellow hounds. That’s usually a good sign that I’m too late.  As I waited, I texted a friend that was coming out and asked if he had any luck.  He texted back that they were still waiting.  Looking around, I saw him down the street with another friend waiting at a different location. So we hung out together.

Once we saw Eddie get out of the car, we walked over to hm.  I noticed he had his makeup on already. As we got closer I noticed the false eyelashes and mascara. I wondered if he was in makeup for the show or that he just felt more comfortable like hat.

 He pleasantly stopped and signed a nice signature for each of use.  When asked for photo, he said only with a phone and he did the selfie himself.  He was nice about it. He really had more practice and wanted to ensure the shot was good.

Then he was off and into the theater.


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  1. Really wished I could have made it down one of those days to meet him.