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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zachary Levi -Madison Austin, TX 7/12/14

I helped fund Nerd HQ at SDCC. Yeah, I’m a hero. So as a ‘prize’, I got a chance to get a photo signed from Zachary Levi - for free. I did have to drive to Austin for it.  I hate Austin traffic. It does make you wonder why I’d drive 3 hours for a free autograph. But we have talked about my addiction previously.

I got to the Madison (I think it’s a night club) about 1 ½ hour early and about 15 people we in front of me.  It was hot in Austin. The sun shone and it gave me a sunburn on my right side.  My fellow nerds wilted in the heat. Wilting nerds are not the prettiest sight to see.

Once the doors opened, it was very cool. The bar was open and ready for service.  As we entered, they checked our names off a list and told us our ‘line up’ numbers.  Yes, we had to RSVP to this event. My fellow nerds started to perk up from their wilted state with the A/C and drinks from the bar.

It wasn’t long before they called the first group.  They had them line up and they went upstairs where Zachary was waiting for them. Then before long they were marched downstairs again because some of them (me too) wanted to purchase a second autograph or photo ops (the money went to Operation Smile).  Once they figured out their system it was smooth sailings.

Zachary greeted everyone. He repeated your name back and he even tended to remember it when he started to sign your item.  He constantly thanked everyone for showing up and helping with his charity and Nerd HQ. He was our entertainment as we waited.

When I got to him, we shook hands. I mentioned my wife went to a few panels at Nerd HQ last year. He asked which ones.  I told him who but I mangled both people’s names horribly. He smiled and repeated the names correctly for me.   I told we were looking forward to seeing who he was having this year.

Being the nerd that he is, he knew that meant I got SDCC tickets.  He congratulated me on scoring those hard to get tickets.  He told me to the Nerd HQ schedule would be up ‘soon’. No spoilers were given at that time.

I thanked him and collected my 2 photos and left.



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