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Monday, August 4, 2014

YaYa Han #SDCC 2014 Preview Night

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on a Cosplayer kick lately.  Wednesday night at SDCC, was my chance to track down YaYa Han.  She was doing a signing at the Lionsforge booth on the expo floor.

The line was short but YaYa was talking with everyone and everyone wanted to speak with her. The booth had items for her to sign but I had brought my own photo.

On Preview night, she wasn’t really cosplaying. She was in fan-ish gear but not in one of her outfits.  She was in flats and not heels. Her makeup was enough to look presentable for photos but not embellished for cosplay. As she explained, for the rest of the con she would be in character but Preview Night was a chance for her to get out on the floor and see stuff.  I don’t blame her.  Wednesday is the best day to explore.  She is very popular with the fans and the outfits she wears does cause traffic jams as people rubber neck and take photos. Being a fan herself, she needs to take opportunities where she finds them.

The guy in front of me was older than me but gushing like a high school kid asking a girl out to prom. It was entertaining at first but after 5 minutes it was sort of creepy. She allowed him time to say his fill and then he walked off.

As I stepped up she noticed the photo. She looked at my name badge and signed it before I could ask her to omit my name. There were a few things I wanted to say: the TV show makes me appreciate the effort that is needed. It also makes think most cosplayers are their own worst enemies.  Since the last guy kind of drooled over her, I figured I’d play ‘nice nerd’ and say thank you and leave without talking her head off.


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