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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Robin Roberts Half Price Books 5/23/14

To be truthful, I’m not quite sure how Robin Roberts got on my radar. I know who she is. I recognize her but I’m not much of a sports fan and I haven’t watched Good Morning America in decades (yes, decades is pluralized).

I do know my sister thinks highly of Ms Roberts and when I saw she was going to be at Half Price Books (a chain I do NOT like) I knew I had to go.  I decided to get 2 books and bring a photo.  If she only signed the books, then I would have a book for myself and one for the sister.  If she signed the photo, I had a co-worker that would enjoy the other book.

Half Price Books was organized. I hung out in the stacks until my numbers was a called. The people around me were the typical Starbucks drinking, Walmart hating, Half Price Book buying pretentious types. The type that drive their Prius in the left lane at exactly the speed limit because they don’t want you passing them. (Yes, I have a little residual road rage from my last trip.) Since the people around me were busy saving the world by just ‘being there’, I mostly played Words with Friends to pass the time.

Robin Robins was charming. There really are people that smile and light up a room. She is one of those people. Her smile was infectious. Once I was entered the 'signing room', there was no way a Prius driver was going to bring me down.

She took a few moments with everyone. She posed for photos with everyone. Because of her illnesses, there were a lot of survivors or sufferers in line.  Each wanted to share their story or tell her of the strength Robin lent them.  Robin seemed very humbled by it all.

As I handed over my two books, I asked if she could sign a photo.  She did so without hesitation. I told her my sister watches her every morning and she wanted me pass along her thanks.

The next morning, I brought one book to work. My coworker was happily surprised.

A week later I mailed the other book to my sister.  After a couple of weeks, I asked my sister if she got something in the mail from me. Nope. Hmmm, we checked mailing addresses.  I’m fairly sure I mailed it to the correct address.

I still have the receipt and checked on line.  The book made it to Syracuse on her birthday.  BUT it needed to be redirected.  It looks like it is coming back to me.  While this causes a delay, at least it’s not lost…yet. I might be able to get to my sister for her next birthday.


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