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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ComicPalooza 2014

Even though I typically only spend day at ComicPalooza, it is a show I look forward to attending.  The 8 hour round trip to Houston is a strain but the guest list and friends I see at the show make it worthwhile. And the occasional speeding ticket doesn’t knock off the shine (although this time the officer let me off with a warning).

This year was a typical ComicPalooza. They had plenty of panels and activities to entertain the crowd.   The activities included roller derby and some form of LARPing sword play and gaming.

One of the things I personally enjoy is the amount of space the convention uses.  After a year of attending shows that are bumper to bumper, it’s unique to walk through aisles that don’t demand the patience of Job to make it to the other end. Or to be able to rubber neck and not bump into someone else. While the unused space is costing the convention money, I’m sure the venders appreciate having that space. It has to improve their sales when attendees can take their time and peruse the wares without being jostled by the crowd.

The big guest draws this year was three, count them THREE Doctors and 5 cast members for Marvels’ Agents of Shield.  The show added some wrestlers, some Power Rangers and a whole slow of guests related to NASA. Yeah NASA!

As the norm, here were plenty of cosplayers walking the floor. They ran the gamut of characters. Many I have no clue who they were.  And they ran the gamut of entry level to elaborate costumes.

The one issue I have is with guest cancellations.  Once you are at the show, it’s hard to know who cancelled. Even with the conventions new app, I had a couple of people on my want list I couldn’t find.  I saw no mention if they bailed or were sequestered away in some dark corner I didn’t look.

Overall, it’s a great convention and I do plan on attending next year.



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