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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emmanuelle Vaugier #SDCC 2014

One of my favorite booths at SDCC is Holzheimer’s. The friendly staff, the celebs, and relaxed atmosphere make it a ’must see’ each ComicCon.

That last sentence sounds like a restaurant review. Sorry about that. The point?  I like the booth.

I was excited to see that Emmanuelle Vaugier from Lost Girl was going to sign there. I enjoy the show, I think the actress is stunningly beautiful, and if there is a chance I could chat with someone for a moment, it would be at this booth.

As I walked up, Emmanuelle was idly chatting with her handler.  The handler is someone I have a nodding acquaintance with.  We’ve bump into each other at dozens of conventions over the years.  She’s handling celebs and I want celebs’ autographs. We are bound to see each other often. We rarely exchange words as she is busy working and I’m busy collecting.

This day, the handler was a chatter Cathy.  As I said hello to Emmanuelle, the handler gave me a big hello back. We actually chatted for several minutes regarding other shows and celebs.  It was funny.  While I was enjoying getting to know the handler better, I also felt I was ignoring Emmanuelle, the main reason I was there.

After a couple of failed attempts to steer the conversation back to Lost Girl and Emmanuelle, I succeeded. As expected, I loved the time I got to spend with her and I verified she was just as gorgeous in person as on the show.


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