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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tera Patrick #SDCC 2014

Mom… Dad -put your fingers in your ears and start muttering nahnahnahnahnah for the next 15 minutes.

I walked down a random aisle of the SDCC expo floor on my way to somewhere. It’s far enough away from the corporate area that you can take real steps, not baby step or what I’m been calling the ‘ComicCon shuffle’, but real, let’s stretch the legs, steps. It’s nice. The din of the convention was low enough that you could actually hear other people’s conversations.  While the hum of the show isn’t gone it’s still relaxing. Through the relative quiet I hear the name: Tera Patrick.

I can honestly say I have never seen Tera Patrick in a movie.  While I know who she is, that is a testament of her fame and not my movie viewing habits. That is not a judgment on her, it’s just a statement.  As I was walking through this respite, the name rang a bell but since it was out of context, I wasn’t sure why I knew the name.

 I looked in the direction of the words and I saw a booth called Girls and Corpses. Huh, not my thing. I’m not sure whose thing this might be. And I doubt it’s a SDCC thing.

 I did notice a very pretty lady sitting at the booth and a few people crowded around her.  I will admit that a pretty lady will waylay me at times. Then the name struck home:  Porn star.

Mom and Dad – fingers still firmly planted in ears and still actively muttering nahnahnahnahnah?  Good.

With the recognition, I paused.  I figured what the hell.  My feet didn’t hurt too much and wherever I was going can wait a few minutes.

I got in the line. The booth was selling the issue of their magazine that Tera was in. She would sign it for $10.  BUT WAIT – There’s MORE!  For $10 more she also had some photos she would also sign.  I bought the magazine and a photo. I got one of her in a Punisher outfit but fully clothed.  I like cosplayers.  Yes, that is a rationalization.  She did have some more adult photos but I passed.

She was a sweetie. She thought I was ‘cute’ that I wanted the photo with her fully clothed. She offered to take a photo with me.  I begged off as I had been sweating like a pig all morning.  While I didn’t stink, my shirt was soaked.  She didn’t need that.  And we established, no one really wants to look at photos with me in them.

The magazine I passed off to a friend. While I’m sure he’s not into the magazine, he differently knows who Tear Patrick is.

MOM and Dad – the fingers can be removed and the muttering can stop. For now…


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