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Monday, August 11, 2014

Kathy Graver #SDCC 2014

I watched reruns of Family Affair when I was growing up. Seeing Kathy Graver’s name on the list for the Autograph Area was a pleasant surprise.  Since she was scheduled to be there several days, I didn’t make a bee line to her table but I did manage to stop by on Thursday.

 She was chatting with a fan. The fan had been there a while and they were in the post autograph chat mode.  Kathy noticed me and asked me to come up.  Then we chatted; mostly about the possibility of her moving to Texas. She has a few friends in Texas that love it and often ask her to come on out. so we talked about weather, taxes, and landscapes.

At her table, she had some neat memorabilia from the show for sale, notably a Mrs Beasley Doll.


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