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Friday, August 8, 2014

Katrina Law #SDCC 2014

Last year, I met Manu Bennett at the QMx booth, so I very excited about who they would be bring this year. QMx had a nice selection of guests but my favorite was Katrina Law who also was in Spartacus.

Early Thursday I saw her at the booth and walked up.  She greeted me with her winning smile. I quickly said hello and picked a photo for her to sign. I told her the usual blah blah blah about the series and we chatted. 

Her handler tried to upsell me to add a table photo.  I declined with my usually line – no one wants to see me in a photo.  Katrina gave me a serious look and said, I had wonderful shy smile that deserves to be seen.  The handler piped in about the ‘aw shucks’ look really does look cute.  I might have been blushing after having Katrina said such nice things.  I still declined the table photo but I left the booth with huge smile that lasted most of the morning.


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